Tai O Police Station / Tai O Heritage Hotel [1902- ]

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[Updated 28 May 2010: Replaced text about Tai Po Police station with correct text about Tai O. Thanks to Moddsey for catching the mistake]

The government's heritage website says:

The Old Tai O Police Station was built in 1902 to supervise the Tai O area with a main duty of combating pirates prevalent in the neighbouring waters. At the beginning only six or seven policemen were stationed at the police station but by the year 1983 the number of police officers had increased to over 180. In view of the extremely low crime rate in the Tai O area the Station was turned into a patrol post only in 1996. The Station was left vacant since November 2002.

Visit their website for more history, photos, and several 360-degree views in and around the building.

The Tai O Police Station is one of seven sites selected for a pilot 'revitalisation scheme'. The government's decription: 'Through good adaptive re-use of our historic buildings, we aim to give these buildings a new lease of life for the enjoyment of the public.'

The winning bid will turn it into a boutique heritage hotel.

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My father was the Station Commander of the police station in the mid 70's. My folks have a few of old photo's when they lived there, I'll see if there are any good ones to share the next time I'm around theirs. I remember going back in about '86 to camp on the lawn outside. They were the only Europeans in Tai O apart from the Italian Priest, Father Giovanni I believe (who was taken prisoner by the Japanese during the war).

They kindly offered us a night in the cells, how cool is that for a 6 year old!


Was in Tai O today and wandered over to the police station. It's inacessible now, gutted by the looks of it and about halfway through its transformation into a 'boutique' hotel, according to the building note outside. It's due for completion in August 2011. Quite a bit of junk - cast iron grilles, gutter supports and other original stuff - was piled outside awaiting the dump truck. Was tempted to pilfer some, but it was a bit heavy. Should be a nice hotel but god knows who'll want to stay that far out, with that kind of money.

Just received this email from the hotel:

From now until 31 December 2016, members of Gwulo: Old Hong Kong can enjoy an additional 10% discount on our promotional room rates and a special rate at HK$400 for a set dinner for two guests at Tai O Lookout, overlooking the charming fishing village.

Interested members can make a reservation at info@taioheritagehotel.com or +852 2985 8383. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Tai O Heritage Hotel.

This Police Station was the site of a very curious incident in the later WW1 period in Hong Kong. Sergeant Thomas Glendinning was murdered here by a sikh policeman Teja Singh after an incident of theivery by the policeman that led to a confrontation. The policeman shot Glendinning, then attempted to shoot his wife and child. Afterwards, he set fire to the police station and shot himself.  Very tragic incident. I saw it in the SCMP and thought I would share.

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