1901 Map - Caine Rd and Central - Sheet 11

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Credit: Hong Kong Public Records Office


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SOURCE: Table: Premises in Victoria in Which There Are Water-Closets, in Sanitary Reports (Hongkong), Sanitary State of the Gaol (1877-1878) and the Dry Earth System.

CAINE ROAD: Residence, owner Mr. Lowcock; Italian Convent, Lessees; Residence, owner Mr. A dos Remedios; Spanish Procuration, Rev. F Saintz; Residence, Mr. H.L. Dalrymple; Kingsclere, Mr. E.R. Belilios; Japanese Consulate; Residence, Sir John Smale; Residence, Dr. Adams, Health Officer; Residence, Dr. Ayres, Colonial Surgeon. On Shelly Street, Club Lusitano.

Inland Lots on Caine Road, mentioned elsewhere, list not complete: I.L. 68; 83; 100; 122; 126; 148; 150 (Caine & Shelly); 157; 1086. Inland Lot 120=Elgin Street

The South China Ladies’ Directory of 1904 shows my grandmother, Ching Ah Fung, living with her husband John Olson at 33 Caine Road. At another time they also lived at 54 Caine Road. I know one of the houses was very close to the Italian Convent.

Does anybody have further information to add by way of picture of map?

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If the Government had not shifted the numbers along Caine Road, both #33 & #54 today are around the neighbourhood of the Italian Convent's site.  Sacred Heart is still there.

Modern day #54 is approximately where the Baptist Church is located where #33 is on the opposite side of Caine Road, slightly Eastward.

Google Maps or the HK Government GeoInfo Map should be able to show you the details once you type in 33 or 54 Caine Road at the Search.

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