1950s Johnston Road, Wanchai

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:04
Date picture taken


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Apparently Lung Moon is not in the frame.   It should be just off the frame in the extreme left, as that should be where the Stone Nullah Street joined Johnston Road.

The frame above showed Tai Sing Restaurant (大成 酒家) on the right hand side, Double Happiness (雙囍大茶樓) just a bit to the left from the middle, and the other in the foreground by the left appeared to be Kwan Lun Restaurant (昆崙酒家大茶廳).  

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I've changed the title from 'Lung Moon Restaurant (formerly Lung Fung Restaurant), Wanchai' to 'Johnston Road', and changed the places shown from Lung Moon to Violet Peel Health Clinic.