Violet Peel Health Clinic [1935-c.1989]

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P asked:

Do you happen to know when the Health clinic was built/ demolished? Also, who designed the building?

Thomas replied:

It has to be built post WWII, but I could not pin point the date.  Behind the clinic there was the former version of the Southorn Stadium.  It was a very small indoor basketball/volley ball/batminton/table tennis playground.  The clinic together with the stadium was knocked down in the early 1980's to make way for the construction site of the Wanchai MTR Station.

The clinic was named after Governor Peel's wife. They left Hong Kong in 1935, when Legco records show the building was completed. I don't know the architect, but presumably it would have been a government architect - presumably at the PWD.

in 1973, a plan was proposed to demolish the buildings around Southorn playground. I'm not sure when the plan was carried out. Incidentally does anyone know what war memorial they refer to, or have a photo of it?

M R LI: —Sir, in May last year, the President of the Children's Playground Association proposed to Government a scheme for the construction of a Community Centre complex by redeveloping the site consisting of the War Memorial and other buildings in Southorn Playground. This preliminary plan envisages the construction of a high block to accommodate youth and welfare organizations and a low block for a stadium; the costs are estimated at $10 million and $13 million respectively.  The proposed scheme would affect the buildings presently occupied by the Family Planning Association, the Violet Peel Polyclinic, and a public latrine and bath house. 

appears to have been knocked down in 1988-89 when they built the new stadium etc. the war memorial was a four-story building, presumably healthcare related. the violet peel clinic seems famous for being built with funds donated by prominent Chinese businessmen, though I couldn't see who they were.

The idea for the construction of the Violet Peel Health Clinic was conceived by Sir Tang Shui Kin and Sir Robert Kotewall. Its erection was paid for by important members of the Chinese community. The building was presented to the Government and formally opened by Lady Peel on 13 May 1935. HK Daily Press 14 May 1935 refers.

The architects were Messrs Chau and Lee whilst the contractors were Messrs Sang Tai Co..

The war memorial described above refers to the War Memorial Welfare and Recreational Centre which opened in June 1950.

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Thank you so much for your comments and replies. I previously also managed to search for an approximate construction date of the Clinic via the HKU government reports online. I wonder, however, how would you (moddsey) know that it was designed by Chau & Lee?? Thank you so much!!