Wooden staircase

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:58
Date picture taken
30 Dec 2008


Greetings.  I estimate this building was constructed in the 1960s, was wooden staircase allowed at that time? And current building/fire safety regulations?  It looks like the wall on the left was disturbed and rebuilt at one time.  Regards,  Peter   

Hi There,

I tend to believe they are a bit older.  Some of those may be even pre-WWII.  You could see these houses lining streets in Wanchai.  I used to live in one of these houses in Lockhart Road when I was a toddler.  The staircase are usually very dark.  If the resident did not install a lamp upon the door it would be total darkness at night just after a few steps.


Thank you Tom for the feedback.  This is at a 6-storey building and its exterior looks similar to the one built in early 1960s near my Sham Shui Po flat - hence my estimation of its age.   Rebuilds on Reclamaion Street took place earlier so this one is likely older.  Same at my place, no light, no window, after climbing the first set, a 180-degree turn to the next set placed me into darkness, definitely "total" at night.  And a happy belated New Year greeting to you and all readers here.  Regards,  Peter