Spitfire on display at the Cenotaph

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:46

Received via email:

A photo of a Mk 24 Spitfire in RAF colours in Central by the Cenotaph on Battle of Britain Day.

Is it the same spitfire that has ended up at Duxford?

Date picture taken
13 Sep 1965
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RAF 610 squadron operated Mk I (three rotary blades) in the Battle of Britain.

Squadron code: 610 sqn.: DW, 229 sqn.: X

Hong Kong operators:

RAF 28 sqn.: (nil)

RAF 80 sqn.: W2, EY

RAF 132 sqn.: FF

RAF 681 sqn.: (nil)

HKAAF: (nil)

The year most likely would have been 1965 as it was the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

More photos here:




As for the Spitfire itself, it appears to be a Mk 24. It could be the one that is now housed in Duxford.

One of the flickr links above show that the registration of the Spitfire at the Cenotaph as VN 485. This matches the registration of the Spitfire that is held at Duxford.

2009 at Duxford in Auxiliary Air Force colours

Spitfire at Imperial War Museum, Duxford








Spitfire at Imperial War Museum, Duxford








1955 at RAF Kai Tak in Auxiliary Air Force colours

Spitfires at RAF Kai Tak

according to the following website: http://briansspitfiregallery.fotopic.net/c865424.html

Built by Vickers-Armstrong Ltd VN485 was delivered to 9 MU at RAF Cosford, on the 27th September 1947 and taken on charge the same day. VN485 turned out to be the 11th from last Spitfire delivered to the RAF. June 1949 and VN485 was one of a number of aircraft despatched to Seletar, Singapore, and went into storage. In September 1950, it was shipped to Hong Kong and in September 1951 was issued to No 80 Sqn. at Kai Tak. In May 1952 it was transferred to the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force and in April 1955, VN485 flew its last official sortie, as part of a four-ship Spitfire formation for the Queen’s Birthday Flypast. 

VN485 was placed into storage at Kai Tak at the end of July 1955 with a total flying time of just 242 hours. It was officially struck off charge in September 1955 and a year later was placed on display at Kai Tak. VN485 was gifted to the Imperial War Museum by the RHKAAF in 1989. 

VN485 has been on static display at Duxford since its arrival in July 1989 and is currently painted in the silver scheme of the RHKAAF it wore in 1954/1955.

Apparently it was kept in front of the RHKAAF hangar in Kai Tak in the 70s and 80s

       I'm pretty sure this was the aircraft that used to be on the front lawn of the officer's mess at RAF Kai Tak. in the early sixties KGV School used to use the RAF Kai Tak swimming pool for their annual Gala. I can remember myself and a few others going for a wander after our events were over and coming across every boy's dream, a Spitfire. We were all over it like a rash; the cockpit hood was open and we were taking turns in sitting in it. I found the handle inside that closed the canopy and wound it closed. About this time a Pongo moustached officer emerged from building, face puce with rage and my friends fled. Not so easy for me because the canopy woudn't open and next day, at assembly, I was paraded up front by the stage for my transgression