1950s Broadway Cinema

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Nathan Rd at the juction with Argyle St looking south.
The Broadway screening 'A Man Called Peter" released in 1955. Note the Sun Ya Hotel has not been built yet.

Date picture taken


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OldTimer (not verified)
Sun, 11/18/2007 - 22:55

Great picture! And at the other end of the city block, on the same side as the cinema, was the Tai Dong (Great East) bookstore, where I used to buy school books.
It looks like the bus swerved to avoid hitting the man walking with his bicycle.

As the film " A Man Called Peter" was shown at the Broadway Theatre between 26th May,1955 and 3rd June,1955,the photo was taken during this period.

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Raymond Lo (not verified)
Mon, 11/19/2007 - 19:56

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26th May,1955 ought to be 9.30pm 27th May,1955.

The film " A Man Called Peter" was shown at the Broadway Theatre [as well as the Roxy Theatre in Causeway Bay]from 9.30pm 27th May,1955 to 3rd June,1955.

I used to rent bicycles from a rental shop down the road to the right of the cinema, - the shop was on the right hand side about 30 yards down.

 I also remember a hand painted head and shoulders of Clark Gable hung on the rhs of the corner entrance to the cinema and in particular that his eyes followed you everywhere which spooked me as a child.  I remember seeing the "Scalp Hunters" at the Broadway" and that it was very bloody!  Strange what comes back after 55 years.

Thanks for reminding about that bicycle shop.   There were two book stores very close by and one of them displayed toy swords and shields on its front window following the screening of "Prince Valiant (1954)".   At Broadway (I think), I watched "Guns of Navarone (1961)" which ran for probably the longest stretch because of its popularity.

I also saw Guns of Navarone in the Broadway theatre in the 60's . In my opinion the unique architecture of the old theatre with it's curved façade should have been preserved as a historical monument. Nowadays the highrise buildings around there are just soul-less.

Peter, I totally agree. This cinema was one of many places my elder brother used to hang out. Is this where HSBC is now?

Hi, how may I use this image in an article I'm writing? Who can I cite the source of this image? Thanks!

In those days each performance at the Broadway - and most other cinemas - ended with a rendering of 'God Save The Queen' when everyone was expected to stand diligently until it ended.

Few did.