Tin Hau, 1979

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:29

Photo courtesy of Fred

Date picture taken


I was surprised to see how many squatter huts can still be seen on the hillsides - I thought they'd already been cleared by this time.


From the vanishing point/line of sight, it didn't look right for the Excelsior. It's more like somewhere atop the Pearl City Mansion to me. I think the structure in the foreground is the roof of the Park Lane.

If it was the Excelsior it would be a bit closer towards the harbour. also you should be able to see the roof of the two or three blocks between the Excelsior and the Park.


In some way, I envy the people who live in these squatter huts - they really live ON the land albeit rural as opposed to concrete pigeon coops called high rises. The negative side of course are lack of basic services like running water, sanitation and electricity, and protection from typhoons. But you can't beat the scenary and rent they pay. Do they have landlord?
Years ago the government built 7-storey housing for the poor following the great fire of 1953. I wonder how many would take the offer today.

Coming very late to this conversation here.  David you probably already know all about the squatters by now.  I recall when I frequented the area in the early 90s (to watch local football matches in So Kon Po), some squatters were still there.  In fact, my father had a friend living in one of those then, as a way to create wealth while he was renting out a nice new apartment flat he owned!