1910s Happy Valley Racecourse and Jardines at East Point

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 19:25

Photo courtesy of reader 'moddsey', a sharper version of this photo.

Date picture taken


The Football Club was established in 1886, so the field with the pavillions must be the Club.   So, dear Admin,  what would you suggest in general, is the best way, if you are not the photo author, to get the photo attached to a "place" ?

Though the Football Club was established in 1886, I'm not sure where they were located. I can't see any pitches marked out on the grassy area shown above, so I wonder if they only moved here once the pavilion that you mentioned was built? Any ideas?

I'm not sure how to allow non-authors to add places. With the current volume I don't mind making the changes when I see a comment.

Here are Moddsey's comments from the thread he mentions above:

The Grounds were known as the Wong Nei Chong Recreation Grounds.

By 1915, the Grounds were divided into allotments for use by the Army and Navy, schools and Hong Kong Univeristy, Royal Hong Kong Golf Club, Hong Kong Football Club and social and recreation clubs partaking in tennis, hockey and cricket on designated days of the week. This use of the Grounds by the aforementioned groups continued until the outbreak of WW11.

Thanks to you both for the extra info. It certainly looks as though the Football Club would have been using these grounds at the time, or very soon after, this photo was taken.