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List of people

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Alias / nickname Given Familysort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Louisa L Clara Woolley 1881 M
Bill William Roy Worrall 1913 M
Dick William Richard Worrall 1944 M
Henry Richard Joseph Woulfe-Flanagan 1903 M
BAAG No. 41 / Shiner / Shinah F. W. Wright M
George Allan Rodney Wright-Nooth 1917 2002 M
Ben Wylie M
Archibald Dougal Wylie 1900 M
Evelyn Wylie 1908 M
Edward Irvine Wynne-Jones 1895 1968 M
Mark Akim / Mark Erooga Mark Akimovitch Yaroogsky-Erooga 1916 M
Robert Young 1896 M
Cecil Walter Younger 1899 1943 M
Fedor Longinovich Zadorin M
Ruth Elizabeth Ziegler 1932 2004 F
Theodore A Ziegler 1934 M
Laura Beatha Ziegler 1900 1961 F
Eunice Mae Ziegler 1927 1953 F
Laurence Albert Ziegler 1930 M