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List of people

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Alias / nickname Given Familysort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Grace McAuliffe Harris 1932 2019 F
Alison ? Fisher F
Rita ? F
Ah Chung ? ?
Ah Ying ? ?
Jack ? M
Win ? ?
E Eve ? F
J M Adams 1911 F
Merrill Steele Ady 1895 1982 M
Lucile Ady 1895 1990 F
Don Ady M
Bill William Ahearn M
Edith Carlotta Ainslie / Gegg Johnson-Lee 1882 1951 F
Henriette Charlotte E Aitken 1899 1984 F
Eddie Edward Aitken 1931 M
Chaloner Grenville Alabaster 1880 1958 M
Roland Maitland Alderton 1902 1991 M
Allison M
Norman Francis Allman 1893 1987 M
Joseph Alsop M
William Herbert Alton 1907 1995 M
Johnny Anderson M
Andy William John Anderson M
James Leslie Anderson 1913 1985 M