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A Midsommer Night's Dreame

A poster for the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", performed today, tomorrow, and the day after. This copy provided by Barbara Anslow.

The poster reads:

A play call'd

A Midsommer Night's Dreame

As it hath been sundry times publickely acted by the Lord Chamberlaine his servants

Written by William Shakespeare

Produced by James Norman

Dances arranged by Carol Bateman

Music Arranged by Elizabeth Drown

Costumes: Christine Corra

Woodland Scenery: E.M.B. Dyson

Stage Manager: Jock Fraser

Lighting Direction: Reg Butler

In the Great Hall of Saint Stephen's upon February 24th (Ye Buff), 25th (Ye Pink), and 26th (Ye Blue)

At 5:45 PM very promptly.

Signed non-escape dggidmsh ((unclear))

issue Y25

To Mrs. Stevens, daughter

“Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Mills, Norman, Re?? M??tin, Pam Pritchard ((sp)), Garston((sp?)), Joan Cha?h??, Hughes, MacN, Large, Valentine, Wilson, Chatt???, etc.) p. Norman.

Cloudy but fine & warm pm.

M had daughter, named Christine.

Watered garden for Steve am.

Signed affidavit re not attempting to escape. This signing done under compulsion, penalty for failing to sign, stand in one spot until willing, or walk up & down a room, no food or drink in any case. Now we come under Art.16 of Jap Army law & can be shot for escape or attempt to escape.

“Mid-summer Nights Dream” at St. Stephens.

With Steve pm.

Posted postcard 15 to Marj.  

Y25 issued.