Hong Kong Club Annexe [1903-c.1966]

Submitted by David on Fri, 09/04/2009 - 10:12
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I'm not sure of the correct name for this building, but on a 1911 map of Central (#3-4, mapping HK) it is marked as as 'Jockey Club Office. Hongkong Club Annex'.

Also in this photo you can see there was a covered walkway connecting it to the main Hongkong Club building:

1910s Hong Kong Club Annex

Can anyone help fill in more details?

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Photos that show this Place


This 1930 photo from the government shows a great perspective on the buildings at the front - as well as the connecting walkway. The annexe must have been knocked down in 1966/67 to be replaced by Sutherland House (after the club presumably sold the land). The telegraph building that it shares the site with became the cable and wireless building sometime at least by the postwar 1940s.


both were knocked down when the sites was joined to become the Ritz, and now, of course, another hole in the ground.

Notes from page 108 of Kindred Spirits: A History of the Hong Kong Club:

  • "The connecting bridge from the Annexe to the Main Building, Hong Kong's first overhead pathway, was removed in 1962.
  • "By 1965, when the building was being demolished ..."

It doesn't say when the demolition of the building finished, but it'll be around 1965/66.