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Today's SCMP article

If you're visiting for the first time after reading the article in today's SCMP, hello! Here are links to the other resources mentioned in the article:

Thanks to writer Christopher DeWolf for proposing, then writing this article. I hope it helps raise the profile of using web-based tools to help gather and share information about Hong Kong's history.

You can find out more about Christopher on his 'URBANPHOTO' website. He's also posted up a copy of the article there, in case you don't have access to the copy on the SCMP website. (Alas, only the version on the SCMP website includes the photo of my knees!).

Regards, David


Good read. Nice article. Hope it generates more interest in old Hong Kong and more viewers and comments to the site.

Chris may have got the photo on the far left of the article muddled-up. It is of 1950s Carnarvon Rd, TST looking towards Signal Hill and not of old Wanchai as described. Cheers.


Great article in the scmp, well done for getting the mention. It also reminded me that I had to add this link to my blog as well as the Batgung one!

I've just taken a closer look at the article as it appears on the UrbanPhoto website. It's longer than the version on the SCMP website, plus it includes more links than I listed above - ie worth a read for the bonus material! (Still no knees though...)

Moddsey, yes, our website's log files show more visitors than usual today, so fingers crossed that we'll hear from some new people.

Gweipo, welcome back from your holidays, and thanks for the link!

Regards, David

He has even used quotes from moddsey and myself about the Marine Police HQ.  Fame at last - of an anonymous kind!!

Actually, it is a great article and he's a good writer, but I do wonder why he bothered to interview me for half an hour just to solicit the fact that I was a stay-at-home dad! I think Tony Banham deserved a bit more column space too.

Anyhow - it's great to see GwuLo getting some prime time recognition, oh yes and of course those now famous knees.


Stay-at-home dad

Great article!  It is definitely informative and useful in providing pointers to some internet resources in English.  Moreover, I am amazed to find my quote in it.  :)

I am curious about the photo of David's knees.  :)


Thanks for the plug, David!

Phil, I wish I could have used more of what you said, but the article ran long and editors can be ruthless.  Sorry about that!

Christopher, no problem. If you're writing about HK heritage in future, feel free to leave a link in the comments so we can read about it.

Regards, David