Hong Kong & Whampoa Docks

Mon, 02/09/2015 - 08:42

Group of marine engineering apprentices at Hong Kong & Whanpoa Docks main office building in Hung Hom.

Date picture taken


Bob, thanks for persevering, the photos look good.

If you can add any names they will be valuable to note down here, and might put you back in touch with some of the people shown.

Regards, David

Top row -left to right:

?, ?, Me, Alan Badham, Tony Oliviera, Leo Barton, Peter Townsend, Ian McKelvie.

Bottom row - left to right:

Bob Houghton, ?, Joey Rodrigues, ?, ?.

Leo Barton (Stanley Internee) alive and living in Dorset. Peter Townsend is alive and living in Australia. Ian McKelvie is alive and believe living in the UK. Bob Houghton retired in the USA? Joey Rodrigues retired in the USA.

I have visited Leo recently and been in touch with Ian McKelvie. I was in contact with Bob Houghton and Joey Rodrigues before they left Canada on retirement from work. 

I am his son Andrew. Sadly Dad died in 2020 aged 89, but my mother is still with us 

Dad was born in Kowloon Docks staff accommodation, evacuated in 1941 to Aus then Glasgow, but returned to HK to work with HK Electric until he retired

Hi Andrew,

I wonder if you might have some info on your ancestors? I have McKelvies in my family, Shanghai and Hong Kong but originally from Greenock, Scotland. Maybe we could exchange a few names and see if there's any matches. My mother was born in Hong Kong as was her father. My email is bbeesley@telus.net