Map Central Wanchai c. 2003

Sun, 10/01/2023 - 19:28

From : Central Reclamation, Phase III - Studies, Site Investigation, Design and Construction

Environmental Impact Assessment Report - Volume 2 - Appendices - (July 2001) - Appendix W

Shows several stages of reclamation, base is a map from c. 2003.

(Unfortunately, a b/w copy only.)

Date picture taken
2003 (year is approximate)


Klaus,  aren't those lines in the Key to reclamation dates supposed to be in different colours?  Without the colour the lines are almost meaningless.  Do you have the original map or only a black and white copy? 

Wouldn't say meaningless, but it is more difficult without colours. The Government publication provides a black/white map only. I will try to add colours and ask the Gwulo community for corrections, if needed.