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According to 1977 年香港年鑑

1977 plastic floor shop
1977 plastic floor shop, by simtang

There  were two addresses for the shop Tat Cheung plastic floor company.  The  Ma Tau Wai rd address is unlikely since most houses in Hunghom were not of the Tong Lau or ke lau building style (騎樓).

It should be 141 un chau street for the second shop from the right.

In 20o9 , they looked like this:

137-141 un chau street
137-141 un chau street, by simtang

This is one of the shophouse blocks in Shanghai Street (between Argyle St and Mongkok Road) prior to "renovation".

philk you are right. This picture shows that one of the "renovated" columns (in black rectangle) still had the same unerased characters "Tat Cheung plastic floor" on it in 2022.

600 shanghai st
600 shanghai st, by simtang