Violet Hill Obelisk by the Japanese Troops

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 00:50

Violet Hill Obelisk by the Japanese Troops 2
Violet Hill Obelisk by the Japanese Troops 3











Recently, I encountered an old article covering a broken obelisk at Violet Hill. (arm size long I guess?)

According to the article, the words on obelisk were carved by the Japanese Troops during WWII, written " 紫羅蘭山觀測所 昭和 17年" (Violet Hill Observation Station, Year 1942 in English) , laying on the North side peak of Violet Hill. It was lastly seen in 1980's. The obelisk was broken in half and both abandoned a hundred feet South side down the Peak.

The obelisk was photographed and published in a local travelers' magazine in late 1970's. I am pretty sure it's still there. It would be good if this important piece of history could be revealed. Attached the article for you guys' thoughts and sharing

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Hi Supersonic,

            That sounds very interesting. From your description, I know that area quite well and I have been there a number of times having a look around, it is pretty easy to access after you have walked up. There are a number of clear cuttings and earthworks into the hillside which look like an old camp and there is also a small tunnel and what I thought was a AA gun platform, but it might have had observation equipment now that you have supporting information.

I would be interested it going along with you, please let me know.

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PS: Where did you get that information from the guide and does it contain any other related stuff about the Japanese in HK?

hi guys

I went on the HKMaps website and looked at a 1949 aerial photo. I looked at Violet Hill and spotted at least one "donut" shaped AA position on the north side, and a  tunnel network near the summit. Has anyone visited this areas?