RAF Sek Kong typhoon damage 2 1954 5

Sat, 05/27/2023 - 18:03
Date picture taken


Just wondering if the above photo was taken at RAF Kai Tak ? I was looking at the hills in the photo below for comparison.

1951 RAF Kai Tak Nissen Hut
1951 RAF Kai Tak Nissen Hut, by moddsey

Hi Moddsey.

RAF Kai Tak was my first posting when I arrived in Hong Kong - about April 1954.   As a Dog handler, I roamed all over the airfield but I do not remember any Nissen Huts at all.  Any that were there must have been demolished before I arrived.  I certainly remember the area your photo shows and the bus passing along the perimeter road sets it up.  There was a high barred fence around the airfield when I was there and it does not show up on your picture - am I just not seeing it.  I remember that there was a deep storm drain along the outside of the fence.

After some months at Kai Tak I was transfered to RAF Sek Kong.   The whole unit was accomodated in nissen huts as was the sick-bay, mess halls, guardroom  etc.   The hill that you see in my photos of the camp is Timo Shan

Thanks.  The typhoon may have been Typhoon Ida in August 1954 but have not looked into it.