Urinal on Connaught Road, opposite Western Market [1924-????]

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The urinal is the small building at bottom centre in this photo:

11 Hilly Hong Kong The Praya
11 Hilly Hong Kong The Praya , by Herostratus


Item 111 in the PWD Annual Report for 1924 notes the urinal was moved here that year:

The removal of the Urinal at Connaught Road, Central, opposite the Western Market, was the result of negotiations with the proprietors of the New Queen’s Hotel, the cost involved thereby in the sum of $1,950.00 being borne by them.

It previously stood on a site east of Morrison Street.

Photos that show this Place


Hi Peter, your memory is correct. Below is a photo from January 1950, and the urinal still exists. Regards, Klaus 

western market
western market, by Klaus

Thank you Klaus for your research.  After landing, I turned right (west) to go to my grandpa's office.  A few times I crossed the road first to admire the front entrance of the market, and one time towards the urinal after having a big soda before the ferry ride.

The "Sheung Wan waterfront-aerial view-1950" shows the area close to the time my family moved from the mainland.  Could you direct me to the 1950 aerial view, if it exists, that shows Connaught Road a few blocks to the west?  My grandpa's office was at 83 Connaught Road West about the 5th unit counting eastward from  the Sutherland-Connaught junction.  I stayed the first three days of my Hong Kong years in his office.  Regards,  Peter