Fiona Katherine CORSO (née KINLOCH-KING) [1943-2021]

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Fiona Katherine
Birthplace (town, state)
Stanley Civilian Internment Camp
Birthplace (country)
Hong Kong

Her surname was spelled Kinlock in a 1945 newspaper clipping, but official documents from the time used the spelling Kinloch.

Her funeral notice gives her maiden name as Kinloch-King, combining her father's and mother's surnames.

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I do have that passenger list. Her mother returned to HK in 1947, presumambly to deal with legal matters but she went alone, so probably the children remained in the UK. In 1963 Joan was in Hobart, Tasmania and I believe Fiona was there also, but maybe not Susan Helen. Fiona's life is well documented, but the elder sister seems to have disappeared. 

Divorce 23 February 1947  from James Joseph Osborne King I have not reported  the details shown  on the Carl Smith Card.  You might find them of interest.

Joan took Sarah Helen King back to the UK when she was 1945.

Passenger List Kong King to Liverpool arriving 27 October 1945

Joan Alice Mary King age 34 uk address 14 Amherst Road Plymouth

Susan Helen King age 4 

No mention of Fiona as King . The name King has been crossed out and Kinloch replaces it. and Fiona Katherine Kinloch is listed age 2   same address as Joan King. Also listed Wallace.Kinloch 28  Police Office address in UK Dundee.


I did know about the divorce etc. I may see if any of Fiona's children or other family might be able to shed light on what happened to Susan. The girls were half sisters so it's anyone's guess but I would think the girls would have stayed in touch. Susan Helen King is my relative through the King side of the family. My search is further back than King's mother who was a Thomson. Have to start at the most recent and work backwards and that's becoming increasingly more difficult as people get older. I appreciate your help. I've checked out quite a few family trees and most have less information that I do! :) 

I'm aware of how messy these things could become and it was difficult times to begin with. There's plenty of info on Fiona and her life, but little to none on Susan. I'll see if I can locate family in the USA, but really don't hold much hope of finding out anything. People didn't discuss this stuff in any detail back then. Even the children themselves, sometimes don't know anything. Some of the relatives in California had no idea no idea we had ties to Asia. One of my mother's cousins wrote a book because the family had never been told anything. And then there were the hidden details or fibs!

Passenger List 1957 London to Fremantle

Joan A M King Division of Mental Health, Public Health Department, 20 Murray Street Hobart

Susan H King

Fiona K King

US Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection

Fiona Kinloch-King Corso born 19 November 1943

Married 19 August 1972 in Italy  Spouse Richard James Corso

Died 16 January 2021 in Newport News Virginia USA

Father Wallace Kinloch

Mother Joan King


I have Susan Helen with Fiona and her mother in Fremantle, Australia in 1957, so she'd have been 16 then. After that is a mystery. I've traced Fiona's son who lives not far from my daughter in the states and have sent a message to him in hopes he may know of his aunt's whereabouts. Will have to wait and see if he responds. Of course he may not know anything, as it was all long before he was born so the family could have parted ways after Australia. I'd guess Susan Helen got married at some point so her name whould have changed, and if not, it's still a common name so not that easy to track.

Do you know the day and month and year of her birth?

There is a record of a Ms Susan Helen King who died aged 64 in Camberley Surrey in 2009 Her date of birth is given as 28 June 1945. Over the years I have found discrepancies of dates of birth given in death records where the informant registering  the death ( a nurse or neighbour)   might not be close to the deceased has a guess at the date of birth.

Electoral Records show Ms Susan King 44 Tilehurst Road Cheam Surrey date of birth 1942-1944

All I have on Susan is that she is shown as age 3 on the Stanley Camp roster. I'm not sure whether the posted ages are for the date they entered or the date they were released? Looking at Joan, she is listed as 33 and was born Apr 1912 so based on that, it appears the date they used was the release date ( not shown on the roster but I assume 1945 ) Susan must have just turned as she was listed at age 4 on the passenger list Oct 1945, Empress of Asia when they were liberated and sailed to UK. Fiona is listed as born in Nov 19, 1943 and shows on the camp roster as age 1. They all show as entering the camp Jan 1942. I estimated Susan's birth as 1941. Unfortunately, there are no ages posted on the passener list in 1957. There are relatives in Australia, but they don't answer messages on Ancestry or any other means I've tried. I'm sure there are errors all over the place, as you say, people gibving information don't always know. Also, Susan King isn't a rare name so there's likely thousands. Add in the fact that she probably married and it's anyone's guess!