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1942-1945 Births at Stanley Internment Camp

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1942-1945 Births at Stanley Internment Camp

China Mail 15 September 1945 refers.  51 births were recorded in the Register during the captioned period.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, September 15, 1945


(There are some names in the diaries not shown in the newspaper article. I've added them in italics.)


Joffe, Elizabeth Ann. January 27
Hobbin, Richard William. January 29
Robbie Hutchison. February 1
Barbara Hume. February 6 ((Not exactly a Stanley birth - her mother was taken out of Stanley Camp so Barbara could be delivered by caesarean section in hospital.))
Oriana Elizabeth Barrow. March 22. Died July 9.

Denton, Camille Tweed. April 2. Died June 6.
Morris, Barbara Mary. April 3.
Bremner, John Alexander. April 6.
Metcalfe, Rodney Michael. April 11.
Owens, Madeline Jeanette. April 14.
Burt, Christopher John. May 1.
Groves, Arthur. May 3. Died May 4.
Hackett, Connor. May 6.
Jack, David Ross. May 26.
Ferguson, Heather Carol Ogilvie.  June 3.
Simpson. Douglas Robert. June 30.
Fyffe, Elizabeth Mary. July 31.
Nance, Jonathan Goforth. August 3.
Cautherley, George William Hunter. September 2.
Ogley, Olivia Maria. September 3.
Seymour, Maureen Kathleen. October 14.
Mitchell, Rosemary Virginia. October 31.
Clarke, Anthony. December 2. Died December 14.
McDermott, Margaret Lilian. December 18.
Sallis, Janet Carole. December 25.


Cochrane, Alexander Graham. August 1.
Harris, William Bernard. August 5.
Rex, Anthony Charles Edward. August 13.
Willerton, Norvel Leslie James. August 18.
Davis, Kenneth Anthony Tyrtoff. September 12.
Himsworth, Brooke. September 19.
Cooke, Margaret Ruth Wallace. October 5.
Denton / Wright-Brown, Roy Francis. November (date not known)
Kinlock Fione, Katherine. November 19. ((We have the name as "Kinlock, Fiona Katherine".))
Wright-Brown, Clarke Jean. December 28. ((It looks as though two names have got combined on a single line, Roy Wright-Brown shown above, and Jeanette Madeline Clark.))


Culver, Daphne Esther. January 10.
Clarke, Dennis Anthony. January 31.
Groves, Arthur. February 3. Died the same day.
Nance, Eunice Jean. February 9.
Stevens, Christine. February 24.
Tanner, Barry Clarke. February 26.
Ramsey, Alexander. March 13.
Mitchell, Robert McGregor. May 2.
Weir, Alan Gordon James. May 18.
McDermott, Rosaleen Frances Mary. July 2.
Ward, Gerald Gwynne. July 15.
Worrall, William Richard. August 13.
Veriga, Lydia Elizabeth. September 6.
Reddish, Veronica Ann. September 7.


Fox, Maureen Patricia. January 3.
Kennard, Joanna Margaret. June 11.
Heath, Guy Ian Howard. June 14.
Keates, Robert Anthony. June 28.
Williams, Raymond Brinlay. July 16.
Cochrane, Fern Alexandria. August 22.

Noted this IWM photo of Rolanda Jones.