Swindon Bookshop on Nathan Road (second location) [1962-????]

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Swindon Bookshop was located inside Mirador Mansion. Emporis gives as end of construction 1958, Swindon opened its bookstore on the 1 February 1962 (see here).

Previously located on the opposite side of Nathan Road at no.25 (in the Airlie / Chardhaven / Baron's Court / ??? / Star Hotel [????-????]). 

[Update 2022-02-25]

The hotel was demolished likely in 1962,  and replaced by Prestige Tower and Alpha House which opened in 1963/64. The bookshop closed on the 1 February 1962.


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I have fond memories of Swindon's when it was located on Nathan Road in the 50's.  The store was located in an older building, not too brightly lit, lined with bookshelves crammed with books and even a ladder leaning against a shelf at the back of the store.  When the store was no longer in that location, I recall checking out the store in the Ocean Terminal but of course it did not have the charm and atmosphere of the old store I remembered.

Being an only child, I spent a lot of my time reading, with Enid Blyton books being a childhood favorite. Once or twice a month my father would accompany me to the store where I was allowed to pick out one hardcover book to add to my collection.  I had complete sets of the Secret Seven, the Famous Five adventures and the schoolgirl books about Malory Towers and St. Claire's, but the Five Find-Outers and Dog mystery series was my top favorite.  I still have the complete set of these mystery books on my bookshelf in their original state, although a bit worn. I also kept a few hardcover copies of the Jane Turpin books by Evadne Price, another favorite. I eventually expanded my reading to other authors, but mysteries and crime stories remain at the top of my list.

During my school years at Maryknoll, my classmate Christine Li's father owned and ran Swindon's.  In later years when I met up with Christine at one of the school's reunions held in Vancouver, B.C. she told me that her brothers were then running the business.  Another classmate since kindergarten was Matilda Cheung whose family owned Garden Bakery.


Hello Angie, thank you for sharing your memories. The store you're referring to is the older one at 25 Nathan Road (inside the Star Hotel);

1950s Nathan Road
1950s Nathan Road, by Admin

The building was demolished in the mid-1950s. In about 1962, Swindon opened a store almost opposite to the older location in Mirador Mansion. There was a gap between c.1955 and 1962 when we had no notice of a bookstore at TST. This is filled now.

luckystars posted recently the location you mentioned: 

OCEAN TERMINAL [from circa 1969]
249, Deck 2, Lantao Gallery,
Ocean Terminal.

The store in the Ocean Terminal opened earlier than 1969, so likely in the mid-1950s. This location served as an interim store before the new one in Mirador Mansion opened in c.1962 (possibly earlier).

Regards, Klaus

P.S. Swindon had a large bookshop on Lock Road, this one closed forever in 2020. Today, they are operating an online store only. 

Klaus, thanks for your feedback and information regarding the store's move and locations. Yes, I was referring to the original store but didn't recall or had forgotten that it was inside a hotel. I vaguely remember the store in Mirador Mansions and the one on Lock Road. I left Hong Kong at the end of 1974 but on my visits back I always looked for the store.  I seem to recall seeing a small Swindon store by the Star Ferry terminal on the Hong Kong side at one time. I was sad to read of its closure but glad that Swindon is still alive via the internet!