Wuhu Market [c.1889-c.1956]

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Wuhu Street (formerly known as Market Street) in Hung Hom in about 1915 is near the junction of Taku Street, with Hung Hom Market on the right; the mountains near Ho Man Tin can be seen in the background. Due to its proximity to the Whampoa Dockyard and some industrial facilities, the industrial and commercial development of Hung Hom was much more advanced than Tsim Sha Tsui at that time

The building which is now there at 34 wuhu street has a date of occupation of 1956. Therefore date of demolition should be around 1956.  The second generation market itself on Bulkeley street started operation in 1952.


1915 wuhu street and market.png
1915 wuhu street and market.png, by simtang

Photos that show this Place


I found a couple of government announcements that give the name and opening date for this market.

13 Nov 1886, Government Notification No. 438:

Tenders will be received at this Office until Noon of Tuesday, the 23rd instant, for the construction of a Public Market at Hunghom.

19 Jan 1889, Government Notification No. 15:


Made by the Governor in Council under Sec.16 of "The Cattle Diseases, Slaughter-Houses, and Markets Ordinance, 1887," this 8th day of January, 1889.

The premises at Hunghom, Kowloon, known as The Hunghom Market shall be, and the same are hereby established, a Market within the meaning of Section 16 of The Cattle Diseases, Slaughter-Houses, and Markets Ordinance, 1887.