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Thu, 12/16/2021 - 13:58

The Hunghom-Central pier was active with a star ferry boat and buses were going up from Gilles road to the train station which opened end of 1975. The Hunghom bay center (1979) was not yet built.  The white building on the left of the flyover is the universal funeral parlour completed in end of 1977. Therefore  the picture was taken in about 1978.

Date picture taken


The pedestrian footbridge over the rail tracks was probably just an artist's impression - the supporting columns had never been in Y-shape. I studied in the then HK Polytechnic 1971-74 and had watched the building of the cross harbour tunnel and Hung Hom Station.

Thanks simtang, for the two additional photos.  It looks to me the centre span was supported by two vertical columns, and the other supports were of Y-shape but more likely V-shape design.  Regards,  Peter

It may be useful to compare it with  picture taken during the 1968 industrial expo at hunghom.

That part of reclaimed land was usually empty before and after the exposition. That building at the corner where the coastline changes direction already existed in 1968. Quite a number of years before the footbridges and railroad tracks were built.

The industrial expo took place there from 1963 to 1969 every year in winter.



1968 hunghom.jpg
1968 hunghom.jpg, by simtang