Hung Hom Ferry Pier (Middle pier of three piers off Whampoa Street) [1963-1989]

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(Timeline added, based on the comments below:)

1963: The pier opens for business. Initially it handles the Hung Hom - Wanchai ferry service operated by HYF (The Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry Company Limited).

1975: HYF moves the Hung Hom - Wanchai ferry service to their other pier, a short distance northeast of this one. Star Ferry then rent this pier from HYF, to use for the Star Ferry's Hung Hom - Central ferry service.

1989: In preparation for reclamation here, Star Ferry moved their Hung Hom - Central ferry service to a temporary pier in front of Hung Hom Centre. After that, this pier was no longer used.

The present day foot bridge stands more or less along the old sea front.  We could use the bridge as a reference for the three piers.

Photos that show this Place


The pier was built in the early 1980's, In 1988, the pier was temporarily relocated to the seaside of Hung Hom Bay Centre to cope with Hung Hom Bay Reclamation Project (wikipedia), and disappeared around 1990. It can still be seen on the 1988 photo, and it's gone in the 1990 one as reclamation has passed the original location. 

It was probably located a bit further south-west than where it has it's marker now.

This Wanchai pier already existed in a 1966 Cantonese movie. One of those shown here in your photos was a second generation pier built in 1979 further south of the first generation pier. The second generation pier combines the north point and wanchai lines. One can see the big sign in chinese characters on top of the first generation pier and also the smaller sign in English in picture below. It operated between 1963 and 1975 before it was rented to star ferry for their Central line. The first generation hunghom to central pier operated from 1965 to 1967 and demolished soon afterwards. The second generation hunghom to central pier was rented from HYF as mentioned above and operated from 1975 to 1988.

1966 hunghom to wanchai pier.png
1966 hunghom to wanchai pier.png, by simtang


Locations of the piers can be found on all the maps in the 1960s. Here is an example from 1966 年香港年鑑. It clearly shows the 3 piers and where they are going. The middle one goes to Wanchai.

1966 hunghom map.png
1966 hunghom map.png, by simtang

This Wanchai pier was along On Ching Road (see 1978 map below). It was built in 1963 at the same time the North point pier was moved from Gilles road to Whampoa street. News report in 1963:

The timeline is (1963-1988)

1963 year built by YMT

1975 Star ferry used it for Central service

1988 Move to temporary pier at Hunghom bay center.

By the way, it mentions only the YMT move. But Star ferry moved its Central service too according to this map: