1910s DVRC

Mon, 11/01/2021 - 21:07

Interesting photograph of Des Voeux Road. I don't know the year. On the left hand side is a department store.

Date picture taken


The Sun Company Limited founded 1912 Hong Kong by Mr Choy Hing, his brothers and a few friends. He was a native of Chung Shan district, Guandgdong, where he was born in 1869. He had branches of the stores in Canton and Shanghai. He was also later in the 1930s Chairman of the Board for the other well known department store Sincere Company Limited, and was also Vice-Chairman of the Tung Wah Hospital, Member of Po Leung Kuk Committee, Member of District Watchmen's Committee and a Member of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee and Chairman and Director of a number of banks, companies and public institutions in Hong Kong and China.

Source: The Prominent Chinese in Hong Kong (1937) by Professor Woo Sing Lim 


The double decker, open upper deck of the tram would date the photo to 1911 to 1914. And since the store was founded in 1912, more to the 1912-1914 period. 

Lots of flags and banners - maybe the date can be further refined.