Front Entrance -Peninsula Hotel -Apr 1958,

Sun, 06/10/2018 - 20:52
Date picture taken
1 Apr 1958


I understand that the Peninsula's old fountain, seen here, was donated to the True Light Middle School on Tai Hang Road and is still there today. If you use Google Chrome you can see it here.

The True Light Middle School fountain was donated by my grandmother 溫廖詠楚 in 1965.  I was a student at that time.  I watched the installation of the fountain.  My grandmother was a dedicated teacher of the 白鶴洞 True Light Middle School in Guangzhou.  After the WW2 my grandmother bought the land on 50 Tai Hang Road from the Hong Kong Government for a very low cost.  The school opened in 1947.  My grandmother was the board of director from 1947 to 1969. 

I don't know how much my grandmother paid for the fountain.  My grandmother loved to landscape gardens.  We had fountains in the gardens every home my grandparents owned.  To install a fountain in True Light Middle School was a great idea.  Over the years, it became an icon of the school.

Pleased to read of the interest in my photo of the fountain, is it still in working order after all these years?
one of the last photos taken before l returned home at the end of my National Service in Hong Kong, in May 1958.

I took a photo of the fountain earlier today and have created a new page for it here:

Please feel free to add any further information to the other page.

Edit: on closer examination of my more recent picture, it appears that the base is not the original. To be fair, I would expect this to be difficult to preserve if it was fixed to the ground. The older one has a curved lip, whereas the one at the school is flat.