Official lists of Civilian Internees & Volunteer Defence Forces, 1942

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This 16-page document has the heading:




Official Lists of:—

Civilian Internees
Volunteer Defence Forces—Prisoners of War
Volunteer Defence Forces—Casualties

Compiled from information received by the Colonial Office, London, from the Japanese Authorities, Tokio, in telegraphic despatches between the 18th August and 16th December, 1942, and transmitted to the Finance Liaison Officer, Hong Kong Government, through the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom, Canberra



It is followed by lists of names, collected into different groups. I'll add the groups over time, and add links to them below.

Many thanks to Martin Heyes for forwarding scans of this document to me. They were passed to him by the family of William (Bill) Stirton McHardy.


I am pleased to have joined this webite. It seems great; however the list of Prisoner's of War does not include my grandfather who died at Sham Shui Po prisoner of war camp in 1942. 

He was stationed at Mt Davis with company No 9 I believe.  I also am aware that his name is on a plaque outside of  Club de Recreio.

Lieutenant Joaquim Guterres

with thanks

Anthony Guterres


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for pointing out the omission. The lists shown above were prepared in 1942 under difficult conditions, so I'm sure there will be other mistakes too.

I've made a page for your grandfather at - it is created under your account so feel free to edit it if you can add any more information or photos.

Regards, David