Chinese Christian Cemetery, Kowloon / New Kowloon Cemetery No. 1 [1904- ]

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New Kowloon Cemetery No. 1

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This is the New Kowloon Cemetery No. 1, also known as the Chinese Christian Cemetery, which opened in 1904. 

Notes from Tim Ko in A Review of Development of Cemeteries in Hong Kong: 1841-1950

[In 1904], another Chinese Christian Cemetery was authorized
'on the hillside about 200 feet to the North of Kowloon Walled City,
measuring, on the North 208'9,' on the East 208'9' and on the West
208'9,' and defined by boundary stones.'
[86] This cemetery still exists
today as the oldest surviving cemetery on the Kowloon Peninsula. It 
has not only survived, but was actually extended in 1947,[87] despite the
vigorous developments that Kowioon would have to experience in the
20* century.[88] This cemetery was renamed as New Kowioon Cemetery
No. 1 in 1925.[89]