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Douglas Wharf (pre-1874) [????-1874]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Douglas Wharf was a T-shaped pier that stood at the (post 1866) praya on (todays) Des Voeux Road with the junction of Chiu Lung Street.

It was part of a shipyard that was owned by Douglas Lapraik situated off Queen's Road (Wikipedia).

Appears destroyed on a photo of the 1874 typhoon .


Photos that show this place


Hi Klaus,

I'm not sure if the pier was connected with a shipyard. Do you know if the shipyard mentioned on Wikipedia was off Queen's Road in Central, or Queen's Road in Wanchai? I haven't seen any evidence one way or the other, but Wanchai seems more likely.

Regards, David

Lapraik's shipyard was at Burrow & Mallory Street. (they also bought a shipyard at westpoint on Queens Road by the gasworks in 1877.)

Douglas Lapraik bought the Whampoa Dock in Canton from Couper and set up the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd. (HKWDC) in 1863. When the Hope Dock began operation, the Lamont Property Limited was formed as a subsidiary company under the HKWDC. The whole Aberdeen Docks were in the hands of the HKWDC in 1864, which also owned a spar-yard in Wan Chai just next to Thomas Hunt & Co.[7] (Burrow Street and Mallory Street today).


The sourced site has a very comprehensive history of early Hong Kong shipbuilding and the marine department in general.

You both are right. I was wondering when I read this Wiki entry and thought it must have been a yard off Queen's Road before the 1866 reclamation started. But even this might be incorrect and I misinterpreted the Wiki entry. I will delete this part.