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Leo LANDAU [????-????]


During the War my father Leo was a volunteer , and captured and was in camp..he was in the kitchens so survived ....helped build the airport…

After the war, Leo went to China Building and found where Jimmy’s Kitchen had been..and then stumbled into some of his faithful staff (there were some extraordinary people there, brave Chinese..Sammy the manager etc) and they put together chairs etc they found around..and the restaurant came back to life..only with their help.

I found on the internet a book written by a judge in HK in the 1940-50’s where Leo Landau's name came up..they did not name people in in but the Chinese amar was Ah Ying she brought me up with her daughter May Ming who was 2 and half years younger than me..Ah Ying got TB and very ill and disappeared…I tried to find out what happened to them.

Leo went to boarding school in Tientsin and I think it was St Joseph’s..he often talked about St Joseph’s.


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Tony Banham's Hong Kong War Diary website lists Leo as a lance-bombardier of the Volunteers' 1st Artillery Battery,

Hi Barbara,

I was your father Mr. Leo Landau’s chauffeur in the year 1972 to 1973.  Your parents lived in Po Shan Road , Piccadilly Mansion. Mr. Landau was a gentleman who was always nice to his staffs Honestly I didn’t want to leave my job but I wanted to further my education . I remembered he had a son called David and he came back from Australia after the University. Where is David now? He used to live in the Peak at that time. 

I always think of Mr. And Mrs Landau . When did they pass away ? Can you let me know the name of Mrs Landau? She treated me like a son.

Regards !

Stephen Lau

Washington Petitions for Naturalization

David John Landau born 3 December 1972 in Hong Kong  applied for Naturalization in Seattle 4 December 1990. Petition granted 4 March 1991.

Japanese Index Cards - POW

 Leo Landau Lance Bombadier HKVDC born 21 April 1913 Bankok Krung Thep Thailand

Father Aaron Landau Mother Emily Landau

Ancestry Tree

Died 12 December 1994 Bellvue King Washington USA

I thyink the David Landau annpake refers to is a different one to the David Stephen Lau refers to. I knew a David Landau in HKG in the 1970s and he was in his twenties at the time running Jimmys' Kitcken/Landaus'.