C.A.A.C. H.S.Trident Aircraft B284 at Kai Tak Airport Apron

Fri, 05/08/2020 - 13:12

Passengers boarding C.A.A.C Trident B284 from Hong Kong ( Kai Tak Airport ) to Guangzhou Baiyuan Airport on 13 December 1978. The aircraft was a new British-built Hawker-Siddley Trident registered in China as B284. It was later re-registered as B2216 when China changed to a four-digit aircraft registration system. According to reports, the plane was still lingering on in storage at Guangzhou Baiyuan Airport as recently as 2019 but looking rather sad for itself ) [photo].




Date picture taken
13 Dec 1978


With reformation in mind, the opening-up of the Mainland skies to external aviation began in 1978. The CAAC Trident at Guangzhou in 2019 looking worse for wear.

Yes @  "looking worse for wear" .... rather like "Chinarail" himself  these days, who was the passenger about to board the plane in that 1978 picture. ( My first trip to "Red"  China)