Bonham Strand Public Latrines

Sun, 04/19/2020 - 20:27

As I delve deeper into film locations, I note that the 1977 film, Foxbat, features several scenes shot in and around what used to be the public flush latrines in Bonham Strand.

There is a mention of a tender for construction in a public works report dated 1941 ( but I can't find any other information.

The building appears to have been in the style of Hong Kong art deco that is evident in many pre and post war structures.

As far as I can deduce the latrine builsding was demolished and the area turned into the rest garden that now stands where Morrison St and Bonham Strand intersect. Wing Lok Street used to run along the northern part of this triangle but was seemingly subsumed into the rest garden, hence why there is now a break in Wing Lok Street at this location.

Does anyone recall the significant redvelopment that must have occurred here when the block was demolished and Wing Lok Street paved over? (I wonder if it coincided with the south block of Western market being demolished and the construction of the Sheung Wan Municipal Building?

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