Chequer board hill with radar unit on top

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 21:45

I do not recall any other pictures of a large radar unit of this type on the top of a chequer board hill in Hong Kong

I'm presuming this is at Kowloon Tsai Park?

The date of the image is only a guess.

Date picture taken
15 Jun 1960


Yes, it is Checkerboard Hill The airport radar unit was located at the eastern side of the hill. In a video of a Swissair Convair CV990 landing at Kai Tak in 1964, a close-up of the radar can viewed here at 7:56 during the aircraft's approach towards Checkerboard Hill. Enjoy the old photos and views of Kai Tak.

Nice government pictures and interesting video

I must have missed seeing that Radar installation as I always tried to get a seat on the right-hand 'low' side of the aircraft for the  big turn onto the runway. Sat on the left-hand  checkerboard hill side all you usually saw was the sky during the turn