Hong Kong Electric Company Recreation Club, North Point [c.1926-c.1958]

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Does anyone know the location or locations of the Club from the 1930s to the 1950s?

Photos that show this Place


"Recreation was taken up seriously. A club for European staff was founded at Ming Yuen, just east of the North Point Power Station, with a clubhouse with bar and changing rooms, two tennis courts, a bowling green and a swimming pool..."

Source: A Mountain of Light: The Story of the Hong Kong Electric Company by Austin Coates.

The Recreation Club at Ming Yuen is given a mention here The Club's swimming bath at Ming Yuen was enlarged and opened in 1926. China Mail 7 June 1926 refers. It would appear after the closure of Ming Yuen Gardens, the Electric Company may have leased the former amusement park site or a portion of it.


P.7 of the Hong Kong Daily Press, 1941-08-06, reports a bowls match played here, and lists several familiar names on the teams:


Lane, Crawford Beat H.K. Electric

In a friendly floodlit bowls match played at Ming Yuen last night, Lane, Crawford Ltd., defeated the Hongkong Electric Recreation Club by 68 shots to 57.

H.K.E.R.C - R. W. Smith, A. G. Everest, W. E. Macfarlane, J. F. Lunny (skip) 15; J. R. Way, R. Owens, L. de Rome, A. G. Gardner (skip) 28; G. W. K. Crawford, E. L. Groome, J. F. Barron, A. F. Paul (skip) 14. Total 57.

LANE, CRAWFORD - A. J. Prata, T. Edgar, G. Tanner, E. C. Fincher (skip) 18; A. B. Hamson, Hall, Bonner, W. O. Ogley (skip) 15 ; H. W. Randall, C. S. F. Baker, H. Burson, A. W. Brown (skip) 35. Total 68.