Camping - Swimming weekend 1957. Location now identified.

Sat, 05/25/2019 - 03:03

Rear of photo names all of us, but not the location.  From the left-Neddy Hambridge-Sparky Sparkes- Ian Reid-Bryan Panter- Johnny Grant- Jock Keen- Charlie Scales and Doug. Burgess. Photo dated Sep. 1957

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1 Sep 1957
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This one is back at the Lobster Bay area. This is the view looking roughly NE. Lobster Bay and Silverstrand aren't particularly close to each other so it looks like you made two stops on your weekend out? One day at Silvestrand and another day at Lobster Bay.

Lobster Bay looking NE
Lobster Bay looking NE, by Philk

Thanks moddsey. It's just pure luck that I had these. Not quite exactly the same location as Bryan but not far off (maybe 20/30 metres difference).

Hi Phil.

Thats 4 more locations identified for my old 1957 album!. Surprised and pleased to see your photos taken nearly 60 yrs.later and only around 25 metres from the position I took my photos.Noticed on your google earth upload of Silverstrand Bay there appears to be a Shark Net surrounding the swimming area, cannot remember any warnings given during my time there!. Have a poor photo of us in the R E M E  one  ton lorry so we were able to move around.

Thank you once again. - Bryan.


Hi Bryan
Yes, the shark nets were introduced in the mid 90s following a series of fatal attacks including several at Silverstrand. Now pretty much all of the gazetted beaches have them.

The area around Lobster Bay has changed a bit following the construction of the equestrian centre. But as you can see the views have remained. There are 3 main stony beaches around the promontory and I am guessing you guys were in the middle one judging by the camera angles. I'm not sure how easy it is to access now but I got there by skirting around the coast.