Rural life -New Territories 1958.

Fri, 01/04/2019 - 00:09

All this photo says is New Territories feb1958. Hopefully one of my kind distant friends will recognise this view??

Date picture taken
1 Feb 1958


Hi Bryan, this is a view of Kai Kung Leng - the hill north of Kam Tin. Judging from the angle I think you were probably around near to Ho Hok Shan/Au Tau area when you took it.

Cheers, Phil

Hi Phil,very pleased to have this view now identified and have now found the area on a map-thank you.I would visit the village of Kam Tin via “ bicycle taxi” from the camp gate at Sek Kong,and had a suit made to measure in the village by -Shanghai Union-Tailor-Kan Tin-N. T. Kowloon.which I wore when getting married in 1959-still have this suit name tag.It gives me great pleasure and refreshes long forgotten memories to have these photos identified. Bryan.