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James Calder CHALMERS [c.1900-1961]

James Calder
c.1900-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

Details from John Black's list, which gives Chalmers' occupation in 1941 as "Shipbuilder".


His entry in the 1941 Jurors List reads:

c   Chalmers, James Calder Shipbuilder, Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co. of H.K., Ld. Quarry Bay.

There are several records of his travels between London and Hong Kong. In 1925 his occupation was given as  a  dockyward loftsman age 30. In 1931 age 35 his occupation was shown as loftsman. In 1938 age 41 it was ship builder and in 1948 age 54  it was loftsman. In the process of shipbuilding,  draughtsmen  prepare detailed drawings that give exact measurements and specifications for all the ship's parts. If the plans have been drawn up, they must be translated into the actual parts of the ship. Loftsmen do this job and make life-sized patterns of each part of the ship to be built.

On the 1925 voyage Mrs Jean Lyon Chalmers age was recorded as 27.

Based on the above records, he was born between 1894 and 1896. On all of these trips he was accompanied by his wife Mrs Jean Lyon Chalmers but never by any children.

Scotland's People shows only one birth of James Calder Chalmers in the right age range and that was in 1894 in Dumbarton Scotland. In 1901 at 6 Clyde Street Dumbarton Scotland, James Chalmers age 6  is living with his father John, a ship's carpenter, his mother Margaret and his siblings.

4 May 1946 James Calder Chalmers age 51 loftsman travelled alone from Southampton to Malaya.

National Probate Calendar  James Calder Chalmers of  3 Beechwood Terrace Dumbarton died 17 July 1961. Jean Lyon or Chalmers widow ( In Scotland a woman's own name (i.e. her birth name)  is used on all legal documents)