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Cherikoff Bakery & Restaurant, 184 Nathan Road [????- ]

Marker's position is approximate. A 1970 directory lists them at 184 Nathan Road.


Hello all,

I found my way to this website because there is such a rich seam of information about Russian eateries in HK here; I am hoping against hope that someone might be able to help me find the original location of the North Point branch of Cherikoff's. My father and mother first met there in the early 60's where my dad was working, he worked in the restaurant kitchen; my mum originally was employed at the Nathan Road branch, but I never got the actual location of the North Point branch; since my dad went up to the great Cherikoff's in the sky a couple of years ago, I have been back to HK several times and asked around, but I couldn't find any information there; would anyone here know? So far, this website is the closest I have come to finding an answer, any information would be helpful!

many thanks

P.S. I am aware that there is a Cherikoffs near Prince Edward MTR as of my last trip (June '15) but it is apparently just a bakery, not a restaurant; anyone know anything more about this branch?


I have an advertisment on The China Mail dated 1959 Dec 24, it is about the Cherikoff Bakery & Restaurant


Hello David,

I can confirm exact location of Cherikoff on Nathan Road a little better. I used to live in 30 Austin Road (opposite the barracks). My grand mother used to live in 11 Hillwood Road. Cherikoff was on the other side of Hillwood Road from that shown on your mark on the map. If I remember correctly it was right next to the driveway that took you up to St Andrew's Church next door and there used to be a photography studio upstairs, we had family portraits taken there. I'll see if I can find one of them and see if there is a name for that studio.


My apologies David,

The restaurant I was thinking off was Chantecler, not Cherikoff.


Cherikoff's still exist, now in Mong Kok. The adress is: Shop G29, G/F Allied Plaza, 760 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon.

See on  streetview

Hello David,

here is an advertisement appeared on the China Mail on 24th Dec, 1960.



It looks as though the restaurant moved about, as so far we have three addresses - all near each other but different:

  • 1959: 188 Nathan Road
  • 1960: 174-176 Nathan Road
  • 1970: 184 Nathan Road

Chefikoff Bakery & Restaurant was one of those half dozen "Russian" restaurants blossomed in 1970s. Cherikoff Restaurant was supposed to be owned by Cherikoff family, last owner was known as Vic who migrated to Australia 30 years ago. The current rundown business as a bakery is located in Mongkok, near Prince Edward MTR Station exit B2. BY chance I was in Sydney and listened to an ABC program on Vic Cherikoff who re-invented himself as a goumet in natural and indigenous food in Australia. I listed below links to his references but unfortunately the audio recording of that particular interview is no longer available for download from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

 Hi Sam

Just to let you know that Vic Cherikoff and his wife Sonya were very good friends of my parents, also White Russian Emigres, who knew them in Shanghai as well.  The Cherikoffs, together with their son Vitaly and daughter-in-law Ludmilla, left Hong Kong in the early 1950s for Sydney so that would be 66-odd years ago, not 30 laugh

The Vic Cherikoff you heard on the ABC was the grandson of the HK Vic Cherikoff and yes, as you said, he's into bush tucker and other foods which grow in the Australian bush. smiley

You might be interested to see a photo of the Cherikoffs' son's wedding to Ludmilla from 1950.  The bridesmaids were Nellie Tkachenko (her father owned Tkachenko's Russian Restaurant on Hankow Road) and Irina (Ira) Smirnoff (eldest daughter of George (Yuri) Smirnoff, the person who painted those beautiful watercolours of Macao), as well as two other girls whom I didn't know.  My mother was matron of honour, and my sister Lindy and I were flowergirls. 

I've marked some names on the group photo for easy reference! laugh




1.001.jpg, by Nona Pio-Ulski

I thought it might be fun to share a clip taken from my father's old 8mm film of the wedding.  Not very long, sadly, I guess he had to stop filming and get into the church before the wedding started laugh

Cheers heart

Thanks Nona - it's a treat to see video to bring the static photo to life. Was the original film in colour, or has that been added in later?

Am so glad you enjoyed the clip, David laugh And yes, it was a colour film wink