John Joseph OSBORNE [1888-1945]

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John Joseph

DoB from John Black's list, which gives Mr Osborne's occupation in 1941 as "HK Govt Pensioner."

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He was my grandfather and he died in stanley internment camp from scurvy and berri berri. His son Albert Cyril osborne worked on the docks. My grandfather worked as the post master general. His wife Mary bridgett and younger children - Margaret, Roy, Gerald and Joyce were evacuated to the Philippines where they stayed for six months before being evacuated to Brisbane Australia. My grandfather had to stay in Hong Kong as only women and children were evacuated. He also had other sons frank and Edward who were in the merchant marines and ended up living in the United Kingdom.

In my notes I've come across something I transcribed from Carl Smith cards, which I think relates to this family, who seem to have quite a HK presence in the early part of the twentieth century:

John Osborne d. 9.11.1932 aged 74 (ie born 1858) came to HK with Royal W Kent Regiment (The Buffs) left to join Royal Naval Yard Police, next joined Peak Tram Co.  4 children - JJ Osborne - asst Superintendant, Money Order Dept, (Post Office) until retirement a few years ago.  AR Osborne Time Office, Taikoo Docks.  PW Osborne HK & China Gas Co.  Mrs Aslett, widow of late Sen. Inspector (sorry, not sure what dept).  Buried Prot Cem. Married Maria Christine Baretta from Macau in St Francis Xavier

john Joseph osborne was my grandad he was my mother Joyce’s father , she was the youngest out of her siblings ( Edward , frank , margaret, Roy,  Gerald and Joyce ) I don’t really know much about my families history on my mothers side I’d love to know more. 

As a civil servant, John Joseph was listed in the Blue Book each year. eg page J140 of the 1927 Blue Book gives his details as:

  • Office: Deputy Superintendent, Money Order Office (S.C. & A.S.)
  • Date of appointment: 1st October, 1917
  • Annual salary: GBP280
  • Allowances: -
  • Date of first appointment: 5th May, 1903

He appears in the list of pensions for 1932, receiving a pension from 16th September 1931, based on his last position. That position was still the Deputy Superintendent, Money Order Office, so it doesn't look as though he was ever the postmaster general as suggested in a comment above. The list gives his date of birth as 17th February 1888, so he was still relatively young at 44. The reason for retirement was given as "ill health".

Hi Simone

My name is Debbie Austin and I am the daughter of Gerald Osborne and grand daughter of John Joseh Osborne. I believe you are the daughter of Terry Fry and my cousin. If you would like to contact me to find out more about our family, please contact me on the following email.

Kind Regards

Debbie Austin