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Fan Hill Camps (a) [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

Described in the 1950 Military Installations Closed Areas document as "The camp which includes Lots Nos. 4543, 4544, 1877C, 1877D, 1880A, 1881A, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1885A, 1886B, 1887C, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 4486 and located opposite D’Almada's Bungalow. Bounded by a wire fence."


I hope one of you expert map readers can help me to clear up my confusion about the exact location of this camp which included 2 lots of land owned by my grandparents as I wish to take photographs of the place today. I could not match the lot numbers to any of today's streets but my grandmother's papers mention Fan Gardens and Fanling Gardens as well as the rent paid by the Army. I used the grid reference of the old map given in the forum topic on 1950s Military Installations Closed Areas but it repeatedly took me to the other side of the railway line. The closest match I could get was to Wu Tip Shan Road so I went there to take photos and buy some honey from the area. My grandfather happened to donate the land and help to build St Joseph's Church which is right opposite Fanling Gardens so I am inclined to conclude that the "Army land" was on what is now Fanling Gardens. 

Can David or anyone else please confirm that the camp is likely to have been near Fanling Gardens rather than Wu Tip Shan Road? Is anyone else able to recall when the modern development now known as Fanling Gardens was built?

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I have created a simple map to show the camp location on the 1957 map and the current site.

Hope that helps


Fan Hill Camp Location
Fan Hill Camp Location, by Tymon

Hi Tyson, 

Do you know any history of the army camp and relationship to Bees Stable? My Dad served in HK in the mid 50' I was born in Kowloon. We lived in Potts Bungalow near Fanling which I belive is part of the HK gold course. We visited there about 8 years ago and one of the workers at the golf course remembered the bungalow. I have pics of it. Any info would be appreciated. My email is

My birth name was Hearsey. 



Susan Blake


Hi Susan,

There was another British Army camp in the 1950s called the Beas River Camp (see which was on the site of the modern Beas River Country Club & stables.

There's a mention of Potts Bungalow at

If you have any photos of 1950s Hong Kong you can share we'd love to see them. Here's how to upload a photo to the site:

Regards, David