Ma Tau Kok Gas Works (1st location) [1935-c.1994]

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They're shown here on a 1947 map (Plate 4-7, Mapping Hong Kong).

On a 1990 map (Plate 4-9, Mapping Hong Kong), this area is still marked "Gas Works", but so is the piece of land on the opposite side of To Kwa Wan Road (see

At some later date this site was redeveloped, and now it is the site of "The Grand Waterfront", a residential development.

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Due to the aerial view form 1964, it seems that both gas works were operational for some time during the early 1960's.

Old_Hong_Kong - Town Gas north & south gas plant in 1964  [煤氣馬頭角南廠及北廠]
Old_Hong_Kong - Town Gas north & south gas plant in 1964 [煤氣馬頭角南廠及北廠], by keroseneian2003

The (Ma Tau Kok)Towngas was built in 1930s and extended in 1956. The south plant was demolished in the mid-1990's and redeveloped into Grand Waterfront in 2007.

Source here.

On the following photo from 1998, the south plant has been demolished:

ma tau kok 1998
ma tau kok 1998, by christian.hanuise

On another photo from 1995, it's demolished already. This photo is on the MMIS website (don't know if it is allowed to post it on Gwulo).

So probably 1994 is a good approximation for the demolition year.