Golden City Theatre (Wan Chai) / 金城戲院 [1951-1958]

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Seating capacity: 1 screen, 1,018.

Address: 77-80 Gloucster Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

The Wikipedia source gives only its Chinese name  金城戲院, while Cinema Treasures lists it as Golden City Theatre. 

There was another theatre with the same Chinese name  金城戲院 but was located in Lam Tin, Kowloon.  Its place-page, entitled Golden City Theatre / 金城戲院 [1982-1993], is at: 

Golden City Theatre (Wan Chai) began operating on December 22, 1951 and closed on January 26, 1958. Demolition of the building took place the following month.

According to Wikipedia, after it was closed, the building was replaced by, initially the Rediffuson Tower, and next by 華比富通大廈 (current Fortis Tower) with the address at 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

On the Gwulo page on Rediffuson Tower,…  ,  it is noted that the Rediffusion operation started to move into the new building on May 27, 1959 (see tngan's comments).


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Thanks David for adding the 1957 map to the page.  It helps to verify the location of the marker for other theatres.  The red dots in Kowloon without names serve the same purpose.  Where the source gives a successor-building in conjunction with the address, I am confident with the marker.  When only address is known, locating it on Google Maps can be off fortunately by small amount and for few theatres.  For example, I placed one theatre on the wrong side (since corrected) of a back lane and this could be problematic for people who want to visit the site again.   Regards, Peter