Possible Rose Garden Hotel

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 21:48
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Since David was able to nail the exact location thanks to his 1979 map book, I had a quick trawl through the Yuen Long District photo archive and found this aerial shot from 1964.

This is a view looking almost north east, from west Yuen Long and the stepped hillock in the foreground is now Yuen Long Park. At the time it was possibly a squatter area (it certainly was in 1979 according to David's map).

This would make the small cluster of buildings on the left - where the two roads intersect (actually Castle Peak Road and Shan Ha Road) - where the Rose Garden Hotel was situated. Whether or not it was there in 1964 remains to be determined, but if it was then that small cluster is almost definitely it. Shame it's not a higher definition picture but it does appear to be a group of small buildings - certainly not anything I would expect to be a hotel. 

The site of 元朗新花園酒家 and 玫瑰園夜總會 is located at the lower left hand corner, here the view of the restaurant taken in 1967 (captured from Stanley Choi )

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Hi Phil,

I was in the area a few days ago.  The light grey and uniform cottages there was a sponsored housing area like those in Cheung Chau and Sai Kung.  There is a small monument on the slopes in the park, which one of the sides reads "The Kingdom of Belgium donated these cottages to the People of Hong Kong, construted by the Catholic Relief Service, N.C.W.C.  Seemed to be dated 1963.  The cottages were demolished to make way for the park in December 1986.

There are local graves right within the Park boundary and one of the biggest one could be seen in the photo.  That would be the darker grey patch on the left hand side of the cottages.  It had expanded a bit since the photo was taken and is full of urns.  There are another handful of graves on the other side of the slope, facing the Yuen Long city area.


plague.jpg, by tngan
Monument of cottage area
Monument of cottage area, by tngan


monument_1.jpg, by tngan
monument_2.jpg, by tngan
monument_3.jpg, by tngan
monument_4.jpg, by tngan
wong_burialground.jpg, by tngan