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168 Hennessy Road [????- ]

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383gorma writes:

I lived on the 4/F at 168 Henessy road, Wanchai, HK from 1949 to 1959.

The building was a 4 storey and to the east side of the Southorn Playground

Would like to have some photos of that building.

Would like to know any people living around there during the same period etc



I don't know if we have any at street-level, but there are some aerial views of the area on the Southorn Playground page:


Regards, David

Hi 383gorma,

If you lived in 168, Hennessy Road, can you tell me if you know of a ground floor shop called 梁煜記, and what type of shop it was (ie selling what or what type was it?).  I need the information to ascertain the place.  It appeared that there was a single 4-storey building in 166-168, the rest were 3-storey tenaments along that section of Hennessy Road.  Were you living in that single 4-storey building (on 4/floor?)?   Did you remember the 『四牛練奶』advertisement sign?


There was a 4-storey high building standing on 168-170 (or 166-168?) Hennessy Road.  Was Gorma living in that 4-storey building in 1949-59?

regards, Edmond

Southorn Playground in 1932

Hi Edmond

Many thanks for your reply.

My apologies, Now I remeber in HK the 4th floor is call 3rd floor.

So I lived on the 3rd floor.

The single 4 storey is only one hosue from me. When I was young, we always went up to the roof, that 4th storey is on the roof and was a club house or some thing that weare not allowed to get in.,

We alwasy went to the other end on the roof and looked at the Southern Playground soccer games etc.

We flied Kites up there also. At that time there were no huts and shelters etc as there were no people lived up  on roof.

I did not remeber the name of the shop on the ground floor of 168, but I do remeber that it is a printed shop.

I do not recall the 梁煜記 and 『四牛練奶』signs as I was living there from 9 to 15 years old.

There was a kind of grocery store on O'brien Road just opposed the Clinci at the East end of Sotuhern Playground that we enjoyed our snack there. At the other end of this 168 Hennessy road is the famous Movie Theater (方) and a big Tea house(forgot the name)

I later on moved to Wood Road a few blocks away on the south side the Tram rail track (Queen Road or Johnston Rd).

I then moved to Haywood Mansion at Paterson Street near the Boat Shelter in Causeway Bay. I can see my bedroom at the Google view map.

Then I moved to Fontana Garden at Tai Hang Road and alwasys watch the Soccer tournments at the HK Stadium and happly Valley Horse racing field etc. Abd I can see my bedroom from Google view Map  also.

My whole family moved to Canada in 1968.

Many many thanks and would like to hear from you also. May I know where you lived etc




Hi There,

A bit more information of counting the floors.  Generally speaking local Chinese treated the Ground Floor as the 1st Floor but would usually say Ground Floor.  (G/F = 1/F, the next floow up is 2nd, etc.).  Interesting things occured when one party uses this local counting while the other uses the British. The Paterson Street Residential Estate had been painting both systems on floor identification plates.  I was living in such a flat since 1964.  It read 12th Floor in Chinese while 11th Floor in English.

But who is to judge for two countries created Hexdecimal systems of their own?

Thanks & Best Regards,



I think you are right, In Paterson street mansion they did say both ways


Talk to you later as it is around 12 mid night here is canada


Have a good Happy New year