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Tue, 04/26/2016 - 21:26

This photograph, looking North, was taken by a friend Ted Ball in the mid 1950s.  The Cheero Club for non commissioned service personnel, was in wooden huts around the sides of the Murray Barracks Parade ground.  The hut on the left was dormitory accommodation and the far one housed the lounge and cafeteria.  I believe that the smaller one beyond it was a barber's shop and beyond that was the cricket ground.  A bed cost just HK$1 per night so it was really good value.  The site was cleared in the early 1960s when the Hilton Hotel was built.

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Nice shot of the Club and carpark and of the old cars. Guess there were steps leading down from the Cathedral to the Club.

Hi Moddsey

Yes, he was standing at the top of the steps. A few years ago I tried to find that spot but it had been transformed into a very pleasant rock garden with a waterfall or water feature of some sort.


Hello Andrew, 

I am a researcher contacting from a BBC One antiques programme called Flog It I wondered if you would be able to help me. We would be very interested in using this photograph in one of our progammes. Recently we had an item brought in for valuation that has a strong connection to the ‘Cheero Club’. Some souvenir dishes that were given as a thank you present from the Cheero Club to the founder when she had to evacuate to Australia with her son. We always try to provide historical background about the items we feature so it would be great to be able to include some photos of the Cheero Club to illustrate this piece. Would you or the copyright owner give us permission? Many thanks

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I was referring to the photo with lots of cars on it (the top one). Thank you for checking this with your friend Tedd. It is of BBC policy to have a consent form signed by the copyright owner, which just confirms permission in writing. Could you please ask him if he wouldn't mind signing one? I could send it by email for example. 

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