Cheero Club, 1950s Fred Evans' photos

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Photo taken from Queens Rd Central of the temporary carparking area at the former Murray Parade Ground site in Central with St John's Cathedral and Central Government Offices (East Wing) further up the hill. The French Mission Building (today's Court of Final Appeal) can be seen on the right of picture. Not long after this photo was taken, the Hilton Hotel (1961), a government run carpark and Beaconsfield House (1963) were constructed on the Parade Ground site. These buildings were demolished in 1995/1996 for the construction of today's Cheung Kong Centre.

When I lived in Hong Kong in the 1950s, my mother used to work part time at murray parade ground at a forces leisure centre.
We even had some servicemen home for Christmas, when they helped me build with my Meccano set!
It was cleared by 1960 to be used for the hotel development.

Yes, the huts are the Cheero Club, where I stayed on several occasions in 1957/8. Beds were HK$1, and cheap meals, haircuts, snooker were provided for other ranks in HM forces. The China Fleet Club on the water front also offered beds for HK$1.

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Yes -the Hilton Hotel and the government car-park were built on Murray Parade Ground. Beaconsfield House was built on a site further to the west, opposite the HKSB. There was an old building in between which eventually housed the Cheero Club.

Any one remember the Michalmas Fairs held on the Murray Parade Ground. I remember being astonished at the size of a penny piece after handling HK coinage for a year or two.