27 Jun 1943, Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

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Death of Duncan Douglas Forbes, aged 56. He was a merchant before the war.


British Army Aid Group Document:

Source: Prem Singh    Date: 27 June 43     Grade: B1

Internees message: Messrs Waterton, Logan and Griggs, late of the Wireless Section G.P.O., Hong Kong and now of Stanley, sent out the following verbal message to their wives and families:

'We and all others of the wireless section are keeping fit. We have received no mail so far. Mrs. F. K. Garton died during hostilities.'

Comment: WIS No. 32, Section 1, Sheet 7, para 4 refers. Above message has not been previously forwarded by any other route.


Forbes: Geoffrey Emerson, Hong Kong Internment, 2008, HKUP, Appendix 3;


BAAG: Edwin Ride, British Army Aid Group, 1981, 172

Note: D. W. Waterton was arrested on July 7 and executed on October 29 for his role in operating a secret radio. J. S. Logan shared a room and listening duties with Waterton and Stanley Rees, who was also excuted, but avoided arrest. The only two Griggs I can find on the Camp list drawn up in early summer 1942 are R. G. Griggs (Police) and G.R. Griggs (Inspector of Works).

Date(s) of events described


I'm pretty sure these are George William Robert Griggs born 12 January 1885 Ferozepore India, died Portsmouth 1 October 1956. Occupation Telephone engineer, wife Florence. Regular in Royal Engineers, from at least 1911 (on census) to c1924. Rank of WO2 at end of WW1.

Son Ronald George Griggs born 10 June 1913 died Newton Abbot Devon 1983. Police Inspector.