Skyhigh (1st generation) [????-c.1982]

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Compradore writes:

The 1960 Peak Map shows a house on this site as Skyhigh.  In IDJ's 1969 picture, a house with a white exterior can be seen.

David, I think there should be a place for the first-generation Skyhigh before it became the HSBC taipan house. 

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When this property was still referred to in directories as 371, The Peak, it was not an HSBC residence.  In the late-1940s and the early-1950s, it was the managing director's residence for the Wallem Group.  Wallem is still around and is a highly regarded shipping company.

Another Wallem director from that era resided at 466, The Peak, which I did not see in the 1924 map (nearest address was 465, The Peak).

After the second-generation HSBC headquarters opened in 1935, Wallem moved its offices into the building.

I think if the picture is unedited, it would be all right, as I indicated in the first post.  I didn't want anyone adding annotations to help identify the houses in the picture.

Unfortunately, Abergeldie (the house I really want to get a clear picture of) is just out of view.